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"Exploring the Power of Habits: How Your Current Strengths Can Propel You Toward New ones"

How do you perceive your daily habits?  Are you giving yourself 5 stars or maybe a little tiny sliver of 1 star?  It really doesn't matter what you rate yourself at this stage.  What matters is that you recognize if changing your habits is a thing you want.

old fashion alarm clock ringing

Maybe you want to quit hitting the snooze button until it is absolutely the last moment in which you will be late if you lay in those warm cozy blankets one more second.  

Maybe it's that you want to start a meditation practice.

It doesn't really matter the habit or habits you are thinking about.  I'm here to give you a pep talk on ways to change your mindset about habit change.  

So, most people, including yours truly, think doom and gloom thoughts right before creating a different way to do something involving creating or getting rid of a pesky habit that is causing you frustration.  You say to yourself, "I can never do this.  I've tried before and it always goes south the day after I start". Well, today I'm going to give you a little secret on how to start.  

First I want you to create a list of at least 10 habits you've already created.  You may be thinking, "Mrs.Tea, I don't have any habits." I think you are wrong, and I can prove it.

"Hrumph." You probably are thinking. 

Well, here I go proving you wrong.  Do you brush your teeth every morning?  Do you put on your shoes before going somewhere?  Do you feed your pet at 4:30 pm right before you make dinner?

See habits are everywhere.  You aren't completely doomed to never create healthy habits.  You already have some.  

a grandmother smiling

You can backtrack to how you created them.  For example, do you make your bed every morning because your grandma told you that you can't leave the house unless your bed was made and completely wrinkle-free?  Mine checked the bed and then made me make adjustments and call her back in to check again.

You probably got in the habit of eating dinner at 6 pm because your family's all home and hungry.  

No matter who you are, you've created good habits.  So, be a little more confident about creating new habits.  Give yourself a nice pat on the back for all the habits you have already created. 

Now, after you've told yourself "Congrats" for all the good stuff you've already accomplished, you can begin the new habit quest and then creation.  Definitely,

now that you've got some good vibes about things you've already done.  

a girl that is using her new found confidence and a magical brush to create a new habit

Okay.  Now go boost that self-confidence when creating your brand new habit like you would painting a new masterpiece.  And put in the comments what one habit you already have and how you gained confidence from it.  And don't hesitate to put a question or two about any struggles you are having.  

Now go.  Be safe.  Know that you are not alone. 

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