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Learn how to find friendly solutions to common problems in the start of an amazing series

Updated: Apr 14

camel wearing a beautiful saddle standing in front of a sunset

Are you having a problem coming up with a solution to a wolverine or obstinate camel sort of problem?

Well, I have been there. More recently than I would like. Of course, that happens when you have a 3-year-old at home. Actually, it happens whether you have a 3-year-old or you are alone in your dorm room trying to write an English paper.

I realized a few ways to figure out ways to solve these tricky problems at the moment and other instances when you are least expecting it.

Now, some of these you might at first say, “Mrs. Tea, I’m not sure if that makes sense.” Just follow my logic and I think you will get my thought process.

Now most of us would say we learn something from our horrible, nasty, gunk-filled mistakes. Now I agree those do create some changes in our lives, but they are not the only way we learn. They are definitely not the only time in our lives when we learn things that help solve problems.

a hedge cut into the shape of a question mark

I sat down the other day when I was faced with a huge gargoyle-sized concern. I tried to puzzle through my issue to no avail.

When I did come up with a idea to solve my predicament, I was very surprised when it was put into my realm of being about how I solve it. I was not thinking about my conundrum at all. I wasn't doing anything related to the issue.

Now at this moment, I thought to myself, “Wow. What if I told my deer about this idea? I could put them on the lookout for these moments.”

Now, I hope you know by now that I sat down with my trusty notepad and pen, and started to think of all the possibilities.

I have come up with a lot. I don’t think I can get through them all-in-one of my jottings, so I have decided to create a series.

Every Wednesday for the foreseeable future, I am going to put out a short little jotting relating to a way I have found to come up with solutions to those pesky problems.

But never fear. I am not leaving you without one today, even though it is not Wednesday.

I decided to give you an interesting one you might not have thought of.

What wakes up someone else you know at 3 am in a cold sweat.

“Huh?! Mrs. Tea, you’ve lost it,” you might be saying.

No. I haven’t lost every last marble in my head.

A woman that seems overwhelmed and is surrounded by words like stressed and emotional

Think about it this way. Your friend is having a difficulty one week and asks you how in the worl

d you would solve it. “Help. I can’t do this. Do this for me.” You're a parent and your child asks you how to solve one life's concerns. What do you do first?

Now, you’re probably asking how this applies to your personal difficulties. Well, I’ve got you covered.

Unless the problem is about their zebra getting loose, it isn’t useless to your future. Also, I can imagine your getting several solutions to many issues over your lifetime from this one point where you were called on for help. See, you can use the solutions you give someone else in those tense moments they have to help solve similar problems you have later on.

So, when you have a problem from now on, think about if you helped someone in a similar situation and how you helped them. It might just give you the knowledge that sparks how you handle your nasty, icky situation.

Now, your expansion work for this topic is to think of a time when someone came to you with a really sticky situation and remember how you helped them. Then, think about how you would take some of those tidbits and solve a problem you are facing right now at this very moment.

So go ahead. Join me and the rest of the deer ones next week on Wednesday to learn about how different conversations can lead to different problems you might be facing.

I hope to see you there.

* I decided to end each post from now on with a little message to let you know that I am thinking of you always.

3 little wooden cutouts in the shape of hearts

Go now. Be safe. Know that you are not alone.

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