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Embracing Positive Thinking: Overcoming Mental Blocks like "I'm Stuck"

Updated: Apr 14

So on the otherwise sunny day, I'm texting my mom and realized I was writing that I felt stuck because of my anxiety. Then suddenly.

Cat stuck in a tall tree

"What good is that thought? Man, that was stupid!"

Now I could have told myself, "You stupid smelly skunk, you need to cool it, or you're always going to feel superglued in place."

But thank goodness I didn't.

Now, all of us have probably heard that positive thinking is better for our overall health. But how do we change our noxious, icky, foul smelling thoughts?

Well, I have found trying to change all of my putrid thoughts at the same time was daunting. I just couldn't do it. It was impossible. Nothing worked. I was more negative than before. I was trying to force a change that was humongous. Totally not doable. Not anywhere close.

So what did I do?

Well, I stopped. Yes, stopped.

I thought, "That's not helpful."

Then I thought of something simple and positive.

Examples can be similar to. "I'm going to figure this out like a fairy riding a unicorn." Or "I'm going to figure this out."

Now I decided to tell myself, "I'm not stuck. I'm just thinking stuck thoughts."

And you know what? It helped. It was the tiny shift I needed.

Sherlock Holmes' cluttered desk

So next time you're feeling stuck and start bashing yourself. Just stop. Think something on the lines of "I'll reason a solution like Sherlock would with Watson."

Or just, "I'll figure this out."

I know it's just the tiny shift you need to carry you in a different direction. Even maybe a pixie sort of direction.

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