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"Why is Change So Hard and How Can You Overcome It?"

Updated: Apr 14

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I was hesitating to write this blog post. I always feel hesitant until I put a pen to paper, but then several things happened to make me want to just open my book and start writing. First I started my exercise. Wow! I know, that's huge. Second, I joined a study room with some wonderful people I work/study with on a discord channel I belong to. It was a game changer. Knowing those beautiful people were working and studying with me. It made a huge difference. It was like I was suddenly given a boost.

When I added those two things to my life, there was a shift. I felt like it was one of those end of the year shifts that changes everything for the next year.

Now you may be wondering how this information can lead to a shift for you. First, you will notice I didn't say anything about this exercise routine being part of a New Year's resolution. I think that any time is good enough to make a change. Don't wait to make a change. I don't know why we, including me, until a few years ago. Wait. It's just wasted time. It's no good, I tell you. No good. And it was no good for me to wait to start this blog post or get on the exercise bike.

Now you may be asking how do you start? And, oh my goodness, that is the million-dollar question. I don't have a great, 100% foolproof answer. “What?” You may be screaming. “You're the wannabe positivity expert. How can you not know?” Well, everybody's different. That's why “Okay. How does that help me?” Now you're asking.

Well, for starters, you know yourself better than anyone. You know all the reasons why you're avoiding the change of starting this new thing you're after. You can also problem-solve ways to start. I think that sitting down with a nice clean sheet of paper is a great place to start. Whatever color paper you want. Then label one “Reasons why I am going to change” and the other “Ways to fight the reasons I am avoiding this change.” I know that sometimes just writing it all down can be the catalyst that gets you going. You actually see the nasty roadblocks aren't that bad, or you might even figure out the solution to the elephant in the way. It might just be something as small as a peanut for the elephant period.

Bison standing in the middle of the road blocking traffic

Now, if your roadblock is really that nasty, like a bison standing in front of your car, you can always go to someone close. Sometimes even the solution may come from a not-so-close someone. Now, sometimes we buck against people's suggestions, even though we know in the back of our mind it's right. Write it out and if they turn out to be right, well grin and bear that “I told you so” if there is one and just swiftly move on.

Don't let other people's doubts hijack your own, either. They are not the boss of you. Let your self-encouragement lead to positive change. Finally, go get ‘em, Tiger. You can do it.

Leave a message in the comments if you want to make a change, or you have just got the guts to jump in and make a change recently. Oh, and go ahead and join up to be a member. I'm going to be a good positivity wannabe guru and send out special member posts once a month. And you get notified when there's a new post. How cool is that? And of course, if you hate it, you can unsubscribe. No hurt feelings. Love you anyway.


Go now. Be safe. Know that you are not alone.

PS, I believe in you. I know you can do it. Don't doubt your strength because it's enormous in innumerable ways. All right now. Do it already.

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