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Prompt to Feel Better in Winter Weather

Updated: Apr 14

a dark day and you are walking down a path that has just been clearer of snow

Today’s journal prompt involves the season that half the world is in right now. The season that I am in now by chance. That season is winter.

If you are not in that season right now, just imagine yourself in that type of weather.

Most of us are experiencing cold weather and dark skies this time of year for the first time all season. For some of our deer friends, it can be terribly hard.

Today, I want you to pretend that you are doing well this time of year. Just go with it. I know that it might be difficult, but I’ll explain why.

Then, I want you to write a letter to a friend that isn’t doing well this season. Tell them as many nice things as you can possibly come up with.

Now, when you are done. Feel the joy that you have brought to that person. The happiness that you created inside that person, who was sad but is now bright and cheerful.

Okay, so hypothetically, you have done this. Now, how do you feel? A little brighter? I told you I wasn’t going to ignore you if you weren’t feeling bad. Because now you feel brighter.

Now, maybe you really do want to go share this new-found brightness with a friend, who indeed is having a rough time.

clean white snow on a small tree branch

Go Now. Be Safe. Know that you are not alone.

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