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Regrets. Let's think about them differently.

Today I want to expand upon regrets. Now you may be saying, “Mrs. Tea, of course, I have regrets. I have regrets about so many things.” Of course, everyone feels like they have regrets. But I don’t. Now, why do I say that? Because I think about all the great things, I have in my life now. Now you're like, “Yes, but I have all these bad things in my life. And I wish I hadn’t done a, b, c, and d. I would also love so many things in my life.” But I have to say, would you have all the good things you in your life if you hadn’t done a, b, c, and d?

“Huh?” you say. Yeah. I’m making you think, aren’t I?

Now, I wanted to tell you that have thought to myself, oh my goodness, I wish I hadn't done that a great many times in my life. And then instantly, I've thought, then I wouldn't have had this great thing in my life. I wouldn't have had the love of my life and I wouldn't have the home I love.

You can look at it and say I wouldn't be in college. I wouldn't be succeeding in the career I'm in. I wouldn't be changing careers and saying, “Wow, this is the great change in my life.”

So, what can you do with regrets? Well, here is my thought. A lot of people are going to say, "I can't throw away regrets." Probably not. But what you can do is think about them differently or reframe them in ways that change your perspective on them. And that said, you can say, “Wow, I'm thinking about regretting something. What am I going to do next?” I suggest you think, do I want to regret this? Well, I'm not sure. Does it benefit me? Well, I'm not sure. Let's see. Am I getting something positive out of it? Well, yes, because of it, it led to a B, C, and D. Then you can say, "I am not going to regret it."

If you think in the long run, that, you know, it's not leading to good things. Well, then maybe you want to reframe it as I need to make it into something positive. I need to make it into something that I will look back on and say, this is something that is changing my life for the better. So, what is my next move to make this into something that changes my life for the better?

Now after you've reframed it, or come up with ways that are changing your life for the better, you're going to see how things are different. When you look at things, you're going to say, "Oh my gosh, things are really different." You're going to look at things and say, "Maybe, just maybe things are the way I was looking at them before. Maybe just maybe I don't have the regrets."

I was thinking about having happy thoughts about things I used to want to regret. Wouldn't that be amazing? Wouldn't that be just fantastic? I mean, hello. I might like that. I might have a blast.

Now. I think it's time for you to…

Go now. Be safe. Know that you are not alone.

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