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Unveiling the Power of Success Lists: How Those Little Nuggets of Goodness Can Transform Your Life

Updated: Apr 14

Before I explain why a success list is important, I want to explain what I consider a success.

Now you may be yelling, “But, Mrs. Tea, I know what my successes are. Will you please get on with it?”

a single daisy in a sea of little purple flowers

Now I’m going to tell you to hold your horses and don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

I want you to remember the honey-roasted peanut-sized ones. And don’t tell me that you don’t like things similar to those nuggets of goodness.

Here is a list of some teeny tiny options that you might consider.

· Your puppy learns that outside is the best place to pee two times in a row.

· A stranger helps you pick up the stuff you dropped paying for your double caramel macchiato.

· Your partner says “I love you” for absolutely no reason.

· The bird that lives nearby doesn’t poop on your windshield overnight like he normally does.

· You see a majestic butterfly.

Now, I don’t think I have to list the big ones since I listed the two before, but I do want to remind you perfection doesn’t measure success. You don’t have to be so happy that you're about to pee your pants for it to be a big one either.

What I am saying is counting everything and anything you want to. I’m saying if spell check didn’t come up with a single incorrectly spelled word, and you’re excited about it. Count it. It’s worth it.

But let me move on to the next part of my ramblings.

Have you ever been excited about something small and suddenly, maybe even mysteriously realized that the day wasn’t a total wash? Well, it works like this.

a colorful imagine showing how the energy sparks through the brain

When the feeling that badgers have been clawing at you all day, and then you see even a hamster-sized nugget of goodness, it switches your brain to release feel-good hormones that say, “Wow. I must be having a great time. Look at me go. I am going to keep going.”

Now, what if you could get the brain to release these hormones?

Oh. Wait. You can by writing a success list.

Every one of your successes that you add to your list makes that happen by recalling it all in your brain. They are all moments in time when you and your brain can celebrate and say, “Yippee.”

And what harm is there in a little healthy celebration between a person and their brain?

Since I hope you are going to love doing this activity, you and your brain are going to proclaim joy each day from now on.

Then you’re going to want to learn about a gratitude list, which you can find information about here to have even more positivity throughout the day.

But before you go to learn about that, why don’t you write one of your successes in the comments.

Now Go. Be Safe. And know that you are not alone.

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