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1 Bear who created 1M Possibilities

I just read a cute book for kids and I can tell you that some things dawned on me. 

I read a lot of kids’ books to a lovely little boy in my life, but when I read this one

last night something made me think about this.  The little bear in the story is living life just like everyone else.  He wants his day to be different because his days are all the same.  I know many of us out there dream about how we would like something or even 2 or 3 things would be different right now in the new day.

a cute bear wanting everything to be different


When I worked for someone else, I dreamt of working for myself and writing my novel.  But like the bear in the story, everything happened in a completely different way than I had planned. 


Like the little bear in the story, everything happened in a completely different way than I had planned.


My little bear friend felt discouraged because he couldn’t imagine how these changes, he was experiencing were leading to the happiness he had planned.

I, like my bear friend, am finding that if I look at my new outcomes they may have led to a different outcome, but it might have led me to a better outcome. 


It may not have come about easily or even with a great deal of happiness the whole time, but I can stop looking backward and I can step foot into the present.  I can journal all about how the changes have led me towards this moment I am in.  I can also journal about all the possibilities that they are leading me to. 


And guess what?  You can too. 


No matter where you are, you just need to sit down and journal about only the positive outcomes and possibilities for a bit of time. 


You’ll find it can be relaxing to focus solely on the positive things that have and can happen instead of focusing on the past.  It’s liberating to realize all you have to do is just move forward and you are allowed to focus solely on the positive possibilities you have in your existence on this blue marble of a planet that happens to be our home. 

icky feelings monsters smiling now they positive possibilities
The Ickies Transformed


Now to make you feel a little better, I, your wannabe positivity expert, found myself fighting the negativity Ickies during the last few months.  I felt a lot of negativity about changes that were out of my control.  I shared these feelings with the love of my life and he went around giving positive options.  It is funny how his ideas make me laugh.  But no matter how silly they seemed they all could be looked at more earnestly and find great ideas with each of them. 


But now I am giving you the chance to make your list of possibilities.  And if you need a little push, you can always ask a friend or family member to help come up with a few.  And those might lead to more and those will be the exact possibility you need. 

I can already see the smile on your face when you come up with the thing that just makes everything click.


Laugh, smile, cry tears of joy, and go for it.  Don’t put pressure on yourself.  Just think of all the options.  And yes they can be absurd because sometimes those ideas lead to the most amazing ideas.

a deer representing the community I call "the deers"


I’m sending you my best hugs during this amazing process. 


Now go.  Be safe.  Know that you are not alone.


PS.  Thank you for letting me be your wannabe positivity expert.  I love sharing stuff with you deers. 

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