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Art and It's Therapeutic Nature

Updated: May 2

So, lately I have asked myself what ways have I relaxed in the past or currently that I take for granted. And I will have to say art is the big one. I am always playing around with stickers or using different colored markers to brighten a moment.

Now you may be wondering how an mom can enjoy stickers when her son is the one who normally would be the one who would be enjoying them. Well, that is an easy one to answer. I found stickers again as an adult in college when I was scrapbooking my adventures with my friends. It was a blast. Then when I was older I found that you could buy really pretty ones or ones with motivational sayings. I used those in my journal. But lately I have been having trouble focusing on journaling (Yes, me, Mrs. Tea, the journaling queen. But that is for another blog post), so I have been making collages. I pick a topic like plants, memories of childhood, motivation, a goal...whatever... and then go to town with different stickers. It's been awesome.

Another way I enjoy art is photography. My mom was a photographer for a long time and I just love it too. I have recently learned about apps that can modify photos into all sorts of different types of art. It's amazing. Sometimes when I create something from a picture it is like creating a new emotion that I have never felt before.

You can create art in so many ways. You can color a picture you print offline with a bunch of crayons. Everything is fair game. Painting is great. You can use the same picture you printed and just paint it this time and compare it to the other one. You can take tissue paper and rip it into pieces and create a picture with the different color pieces.

An easy way to find things to do is go to Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram or just Google and search for different art ideas.

I am going to encourage you to do a art project and see what emotions come up for you. You might cry. I am just warning you. But it'll be a good cry.

Now go. Be safe. Know that you are not alone.

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I have to say : that's a real healthy mind sanctuary !

Mrs. Tea
Mrs. Tea
Jun 13, 2022
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