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"Can Analyzing Your Positive and Negative Thoughts Lead to a Stronger Mindset in Stressful Situations?"

Updated: May 2

I wanted to do this topic for a long time, so I’m going to bestow my thoughts on you today this glorious and fruitful day. I want to start by saying that I know mindset is a big thing these days.  But I also know that changing one’s mindset is really, really hard.  I do know that our brains love the negative.  It’s true. They see it in everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.

My thought used to be “I can’t handle this” or “I can’t figure this out”.

I was so terribly doom and gloom.  I’m saying I’m not the person with the perfect, positive mindset.  Yes, even though my profession is being a wannabe positivity expert.  No one and I mean no one has the perfect mindset.  It is not a horrible thing.  You shouldn’t feel bad about it.  And know that it’s okay to need a little while to change your mindset.  It is not a horrible thing to take time to make changes.  It is hard but helpful.  I know you can do this. You just wait and see.

I started by just noticing my thinking.  You know, just saying to myself, “Oops.  I am being doom and gloom.” You would be surprised at how much you learn just by listening to what you are thinking about.  It takes a moment to notice all the crud, but you also take a moment to notice the good thoughts that you are creating with gusto.  I know it makes me feel better that I am not only making negative but also positive thoughts.

Then I looked at both.  They were about all kinds of things.  I don’t know the exact number of thoughts I think during the day.  Counting would be an icky project.  But once I noticed both, I looked at how the negative compared to the positive. 

I could look at the original negative thought “I can’t do this” about cooking my grandma’s recipe for croissant rolls and compare it to the thought “Wow, look at that.  I did that” when thinking about sewing holes up in my favorite blouse. 

Those are total opposites.  But notice they are in regards to different topics.  So, now think about the thoughts you think about when doing the positive items.  You talk differently to yourself about it. 

I now need you to think about the words you use in those positive thoughts.  My words were a lot more solid.  They made me stand up straighter.  Sometimes the positive things were an accomplishment that I wasn’t expecting.  So, my words were so surprising, but then after the surprise, I saw that those situations were easier than I thought they were.  I noticed that when I took action instead of saying “I can't do this” and said “I am going to try.  What’s the worst that can happen?  I fail?  Well, I will fail if I don’t try.”

Do you see how looking at your thoughts can make you see things about the differences in the positive and negative ways you think?

So, today, I had a nerve-racking thing happen.  I think my mind just went “AHHHHHHH!” for a least two minutes.  I wanted someone else to figure this out so badly.  So, then I thought about the successes I had in recent days and how I thought about them.  I thought about all the things on mindset that I had learned in the last few days.  And then I sat.  For a long time.  Okay, maybe about five minutes.  It wasn’t really long.  But like normal I digress. 

Can you guess what happened in my head?  Think about it.  Please put it in the comments before you read on.  I would love to see if you went the same way I did or found another wonderful way to think about it. Remember no two people are truly identical in how they think.

Well, I remembered a thought that I had had the day before.  I realized that when I took action on a frightening task the day before, I could do it again with this.  Oh, and by the way, the results from taking action on that frightening task had reaped so many rewards.  So, you can guess I was thinking about it a lot. 

Then, you’ll never guess what happened!  I, me, yours truly, worked through the negative mindset and just picked up the phone.  I had to call three places and then call back to the original place probably with a teensy bit too much panic.  You know me.  I am a little overdramatic.

But then, they solved my problem.  It was like a change in my body and mind from the accomplishment.  My mindset was on a roll.  And it was all because I thought about my recent positive thoughts and positive things I had learned. 

So, can you stop and think about the positive things you have thought about, had success with, or just made you smile and then figure out why you felt that way? 

It does help your mindset in future situations where you are saying negative things in your head. 

I am hoping that this helps.  If you get this idea and are willing to try it out, put in the comments how you want to do it.  What is that thing that just lit up your heart and soul during the past few days?  And how can you use that mindset to create a change in a more recent situation that led you to have a negative mindset?

Oh, and don’t forget that no one has a positive mindset all the time.  I am sure that all the positive thinkers in this world flip to a negative mindset once in a while. 

I know you can do this.  You are fantastically able to handle this idea.  Did you know how great you are going to be at doing this?  You are going to rock!  I am absolutely positive that you can. I am rooting you on. We all are.

Now Go.  Be Safe.  Know that You are Not Alone.

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Wowww, this is sooo great, thankyou soo much for posting this, one of my favorite posts!!😍

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