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Creating a Theme for the Year.

How are you doing? I’m asking because it’s the middle of January and many people are feeling the effects of winter, missing the holidays, or at this point feeling the effects of New Year’s resolutions that you feel you are not accomplishing.

Now you might have read another of my blog posts that hinted at the fact that I am not that fond of New Year’s resolutions. Now it’s not because people do them. I am totally a proponent of changing your life for the better. I am your wannabe positivity expert for goodness’ sake. I am actually not even against them because people don’t always succeed at them. It’s because people change so drastically when you can change throughout the whole next year. Why try to make it a sudden over the top, or so intense. Why not do it more naturally? A more relaxed way?

So, today, I’m going to share my thoughts on having a theme for the year, a topic two of my friends reminded me of this year. So, what do I mean when I say ”theme for the year”? It’s kind of like a theme for a play, a paper, a project at work. It’s the thesis statement for your year. Yes, I just pulled out a grammar term for you.

The theme is like what you want your year to be like and how you want to make everything fit together. I’ve thought a lot about my theme for the year. I’ve realized that I want mine to Expect Change in my own way.

Now you are all thinking, “Mrs. Tea, change is never in your control, so how can it be in your way?” Okay, so hear me out.

So, there were tons of changes in the last part of the year that were amazing, for example, this blog, our new Discord community, the way I can send messages through Instagram to all of you, and of course, the trial podcast being a success.

Normally, I freak out with change, and I’ve noticed that I’ve liked those changes. So, why not try to remember that? “In my own way” reminds me that there are good and bad changes, and there will be hiccups along the way. You all know there will be. I mean, it is a matter of time. But I want to remember that I control how I react to those hiccups.

One of my friends included “care” as in self-care and in doing this with care as her theme. I think that is awesome. I will definitely think of doing things with care because of her this year more often, I am sure.

When I created this theme for the year, I planned on incorporating it into everything I do throughout the year. You can do this with your theme. Your theme could incorporate wellness and involve fitness but doesn’t have to stop there. Why not think about the whole you? Top to Bottom. Inside. Out.

My suggestion is to think about all the things that you want to do, change, incorporate, or just be in the next year. Then go about creating some sort of common theme around them for the whole year. Then put it everywhere. Doodle it. Put it on post-it notes on your bathroom mirror. Write a loved one about it. Make an Instagram post about it. Whatever makes your heart sing. Then, when you see one of those things or think about it, consider how to incorporate it into the moment. And I mean into that very moment. After a while, you will start just thinking about it and it will become second nature. You won’t believe the changes.

Go now. Be Safe. Know that you are not alone.

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This actually makes so much SENSE IN MY HEAD !! I used to write down "My new year's resolutions" every year, as if it was a must-do. But then I realized that I had never committed to those resolutions ... And on 2021, I decided that that year was gonna be the year of changes. First of all I stopped writing down resolutions, and I've decided to choose only one resolution that is gonna be, not vague, but that would include lots of parts in my life. By the end of 2021, I realized that I've been able to achieve my goal partially. So this year is gonna be like "the second part" of my goal 😊

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Mrs. Tea
Mrs. Tea
18 ene 2022
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That's awesome! I can't wait to hear what happens in the next 12 months. I think you are going to discover great things.

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