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"Is It Possible to Make Exercise Fun?"

Updated: May 2

Yes, everyone, you heard me right. Exercise can be fun and it can reduce stress. "Mrs. Tea, I think of horrible gym classes in middle school when I think of exercise. Or going to the gym and being surrounded by people I don't feel like I measure up to."

Okay. Okay. Calm down. Oh wait that is what I want you to do with the exercise. Did you know that exercise can help you relax? Yep. The brain and body both love exercise. Exercise can help the body release chemicals that help you feel more relaxed and calm. So why do we make a big, hairy deal out of exercise? Well, probably because we choose ways we don't like. Now I am not saying that I don't like a good strength training workout or pilates, but sometimes I need something that is just for me. Something that makes my heart sing in a different way.

Did you know dancing is exercise? I mean, look at this lady she is in the middle of a hip hop dance. I mean, she is off the ground. How is that not exercise? Now I am not saying you have to do this kind of dance to be doing exercise or destress but it does help some people relax. Some people like ballet. I like swing dancing. I also like turning on music and dancing around my living room to the horror of my husband while I clean. You can do anything with dance. You can pick any music and do it almost anywhere. Haven't you even seen someone dancing down the sidewalk while listening to their favorite song. Okay, so you don't have to be that person, but you could be a person who does dance somewhere and in the process gets a little exercise. They say it is just about moving your body.

Now the next one isn't my thing, but a lot of people love it. It's riding your bike. I don't like riding my bike because I don't feel like I am going to stay up. Yes, your very own Mrs. Tea can't really ride a bike very well. I don't know why, but it is just not something I am good at. I would love it if I were good at it. You can just head out and get some fresh air. Some people of course don't have a bike or a place to ride, but if you do, why not? It's moving your body and getting in some nature all in one. Even if you live in the big city, there are parks that you can ride in, I am sure. You can even stop somewhere and take in some birdwatching for a while.

So, the next one is swimming. I love to go swimming. Now like biking, I stink at swimming, so don't take me in high wave areas. Lol. But a nice lake or pool and I am all set. How about you? Are you a swimmer? Now you might be thinking this is a summer sport and for some this is true. When I was young though, the YMCA had an indoor pool you could swim in. It was luxurious. Well, as a kid it felt like that when it was -4F outside and I was swimming in a warm pool with my friend Jennifer one winter.

Now the next one is kind of silly and many of you might think I am silly too. But this is one I want to try for fun. Tire Flipping! Oh my goodness, I so want to try this. I want to be that little middle aged woman flipping giant tires. Lol. Yes, Mrs. Tea out there kicking butt with men like the guy in the picture. For those of you who have seen me, you might be giggling, but I just might buy myself a giant tire and start flipping in the backyard some day. You never know. Lol.

My favorite exercise is walking. Now you might be thinking that you never have a chance to get outside or you have other things to do like read for class or for work, well I have a solution. Walk inside. Now you might be thinking, "Mrs. Tea, what do you mean? How does that help me?" Well, I walk inside my house. I started when I wanted to walk outside and there was a huge storm. I made a path inside my house. Then I continued every time there was a storm from then on when I wanted to walk. I got so used to my route that I could read while I walked. Lol. I have written emails even while walking at a leisurely pace. Now I don't have a big house, but that doesn't matter either. You could pick a room and just go back and forth. It's all about movement remember? If you pick just a room, you can do it while everyone else is asleep. You can do this in an apartment where you can't jump up and down with exercise routines. Just remember to check for obstacles ahead of time so you don't trip and fall. That would be bad. And always remember if reading and walking isn't working, just stick to walking.

Now my final little note is that there are probably tons of other ways to exercise in ways that are exciting and fun. I just picked a few. If you need any other suggestions, you know where to find me, i.e. comments, discord, contact form, etc.

No go. Be safe. Know that you are not alone.

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