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Self-Care in Crisis: Finding Time for Wellness When It Feels Impossible

Self-care benefits so many things, from mental and physical health to your ability to focus and handle hard tasks and challenges.

But you need them even more when you are handling an emergency like when family members are in an accident or are really sick. And it's obviously hard if you are on the front line to make decisions.

When I first learned about self-care, I felt that I either didn't have time for self-care or was making less time for my family. But then I went to improve my self-confidence, I found self-care actually helped me find time and made me a better human

being in general. And of course, it made me feel more confident.

But even after that, I still struggled to make improvements with self-care. Definitely, when self-care has not been looked at badly and selfishly for all that long.

Now, when I started my quest for solving so many problems at once at home and in a place that is over 12 hours away. I found it when I just tried to keep going. I didn't even contact my therapist. Yes, I do see one. I was just so worried and trying to stay helpful in this intense situation that I totally forgot to help myself calm down. As I sit here at the counter, I see so many ways I could have reached out to family or friends a lot earlier. Or I could have written for the blog. Or journaled. Or reached out to my husband for a hug.

These kinds of things make this situation so much easier to handle.

In reality, the things that really helped during this situation were: listening to birdsong on YouTube, exercising to a relaxed routine that calmed my mind while also increasing endorphins, journaling, writing this post, and encouragement I got from family and friends. In all honesty, I also felt better after finally getting a good night's sleep. That helped me use my self-care even more.

But I bet your question to all of this is, "Did all this help with your confidence, because isn't that with you started in this learning quest?" I'm sure you all, it was the self-care realization that created so many choices, changes, and liberating thoughts and realizations. And the beginning of a new friendship with confidence.

I think as I sit here at the counter, I can tell you had I've become a little bit more confident every time I remember something I could do to calm my breathing and thoughts. Also, I thought all the kitchen appliances I figured out how to use. I know if I hadn't we would have eaten McDonald's most meals. Lol. And the coffee pot was the most important as you can imagine hahaha.

Sorry this post was late, but I'm sure you can see that it's been a long week. But I'm going to prepare for being there because I go next time for the blog at also for my self-care. I'm going to buy a book to carry in the car and bring it to the family house. It'll be a game-changer. I love e-books but a real paper book helps a lot.

Well, I am sending you some ideas of self-care that I used in a very intense and challenging situation. If you need more ideas just leave in the comments that you another suggestion.

And don't forget I'm here for all of you.

No go. Be safe. Know that you are not alone.

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