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How to Add Things that We Hesitate to Do Like Scraping Gum Off Our Shoe.

So, today we're going to talk about doing things that make your day easier that we hesitate to do like remove stuck bubble gum.

A lot of us decide we should do something as hard as unsticking tape you accidentally placed too soon. Then you forget there are ways to help you make the situation easier.

In my quest to improve my wellness, I forgot how much journaling before getting started helped in most situations. I know you're saying, “Mrs. T. You love the journal? You are the journaling queen. You were always telling us to put pen to paper.” I know. And I do, but I wasn't journaling about the journey I wanted to go on. Now you may be saying, “Oh no, how tricky.'' In some cases yes and in some cases no.

In my case, I needed to step back a bit. I think it is something we all need to do. So how do you take a step back? To some of you, it may sound daunting. Well, I've learned over the years that stopping to do this is the hardest thing I do. But then I want you to take a deep breath and think about taking all your resources in your hands. I mean everything. If you need to say something like “Let's rally the troops” then go for it. Then imagine all the things you have. I think considering the ideas of when you were a kid and learning about people, places, and things. Think of all the categories of your life. Don’t leave anything out. Of course, write them down if you need to.

You will be amazed at all those ingredients that are creating the recipe of what makes you triumphant in all the things that you do. Now you're going to take one of those forces and work on your problem or new habit. You might figure out new and novel ways to solve problems, like we have discussed in earlier posts, by doing this exercise. In my example, it was journaling specifically about the habits I wanted to create. I just sat down when I wanted to start that specific habit and wrote about the roadblocks and how to bypass them. It was eye-opening how much that simple process helped me start new habits or just get started on tasks that I was hesitating in doing.

Now I'm going to tell you to go rally your troops, gather your supplies, and start toward conquering whatever is in your way.

Go now. Be safe. Know that you are not alone.

PS, I know this was kind of short. But, you know, sometimes it's all you need.

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