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The Power of Music: How It Can Heal and Nourish the Soul

So, I, Mrs. Tea, am a big lover of music.  A lot of types too.  I play two instruments.  I have even taken voice lessons once upon a time.

woman dancing and singing with a mop

As you can imagine, I am a mom, who dances in the kitchen with cooking to upbeat music.  Now, please don’t think I’m Ginger Roger or anything.  But I would like to take a few swing dance lessons before I die at the ripe old age of 102.  Please don’t anybody rush me.

But I digress.

I want to show you how to use music to make any day at least a tiny bit better.  BUT…hopefully, it's more like a huge, gigantic, heaping bit better. 


a young girl dressed up as wonder woman

Now, I know almost all people have listened to the same sad and sappy love song when they had someone break up with them.  You have probably listened to it over and over again.  Of course, it irritates every happy person in a 5-mile radius.  I do know they don’t mean to annoy anyone, but I have been best friends with those people.  And of course, I, your wannabe positivity expert have been that person numerous times.  Yes, me too.  I fear sometimes you forget that I am human just like you.  Unless you are a superhuman, who leaps over tall buildings, you are too.  But maybe it applies to those who fall into that unusual category too.  

But again, I digress.  Let’s get back to how music heals the soul so you do not feel glum.

I’m not just talking about your heart either.  I am talking about healing a day, an hour, or even a single moment. 

Have you ever been in a situation where all you want to do is find a quiet place to cry?  I bet all of you have been at least once.

Now take a moment to think about the reverse of that sad, sappy love song moment.  What would the complete opposite look like?  And I mean, the complete opposite moment. 

I can see your face now.  You are thinking beautiful rose-colored glasses thoughts.  Your silver lining is so vivid you could just burst from all the positivity. 

Now I am not deluted in the thought that every moment will be rainbows and furry pets.  Or scaley if you like that sort of thing.

a girl playing the violin while sitting on the water's edge

But what if you could find more similar moments?  Smiley, happy moments.  And I think there could be more of those.  I wouldn’t want to be a guru of positivity if I weren’t in this mindset.

So, I think the first step to using music as a tool for healing is to find the right music.  I start with figuring out the crummy emotion you are feeling.  This can sometimes be hard, so in this instance, get the basic one. 

Then think about the music that creates the complete opposite emotion for you.  I love a lot of types of music, so I often have to think about how I react to each type.  I often find that upbeat pop songs help me feel less anxious.  But I find classical or instrumental music soothes my mind and body when I need to start something new.  Don’t giggle but Yanni is amazing.  And jazz like a little Ella helps with improving gratitude.  It also helps me create new goals.

Now, I don’t know if your favorite type of music makes your foot tap or makes you sway gently as if you are blowing gently in the breeze.  But I am guessing you know.  Not only should you use this type of music to soothe your amazing rockin’ soul, but don't forget to try new types.

You could also try Big Band music or a few songs from another country.  You will never know until you try.

Since my early childhood music was a huge deal but that doesn’t have to be the case for you.  You can just enjoy it for enjoyment's sake. 

So, right now go to your favorite music platform and play your favorite melody.  Afterward, think about the difference in how you felt before and now. 

Also, consider how other things make you feel this way.  It could be a Monet painting, a hug from your pet, or just doodling on the margins of your notebook.  I personally love playing around with motivational stickers.  I know the motivational part is a complete shock to you.

A girl cheering at a music concert

So, now you have your homework and it’s easy to do.  Just play one melody.  Just one.  And see where it takes you.  It might just shock you.  Let me know in the comment sections how things go.  I will be dancing around in the kitchen to Nirvana pretending I'm at a concert back in the day while waiting for your reactions.  Oh and yes I am that old.  Hahahaha

So go now.  Be safe.  Know that you are not alone. 

PS And maybe dance in your kitchen while you're at it.

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