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How to Reflect on Your Year: Finding Meaning in the Big and Little Pieces

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So, we are just two weeks away from being halfway through the year.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  Okay maybe I can but it always surprises me how fast time goes.   How about you look at your first six months have been going?  How about you think about it don’t only think about the big, enormous things that happened.  Also, think about all the small mouse-like things, because I am guessing you are missing some of the little things.  And in 6 months there are a lot of small moments.  Like the time that you studied so well or worked on a project almost every day, so you didn’t have to cram at the end by the due date. 


I am guessing there are a lot of those kinds of moments. First, I want to ask you what you think about the tiger-sized and inchworm-sized moments so far this year. 


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You may be wondering what all this has to do with the first 6 months being over.  When I sat down today to write this post, I had a lot of trouble with ignoring the little moments.  I also had trouble with the big overshadowing the little ones close to it in time. 


So, what did I do?  I looked at my calendar.  Yes, my calendar.  And I don’t mean one on Google or anything.  I mean I looked at my paper calendar that hangs on my wall.  You deers know I am old school, so don’t laugh too much.  And they have pretty pictures.  You can’t get that with a digital calendar now, can you?  Lol. 


But I digress.  You guys should be used to this by now, so don’t act surprised when I go a little off-subject. 


But back to the calendar.  Since I use a paper one, I can flip through and see the appointments we had, the birthdays that have occurred already, and any big stuff that I added to the months to remember. 


Do you deers ever look at your calendar in this way?  And of course, you can look at your digital calendar.  I was just giving you a hard time. 

a woman sitting in front of a window with lots of plants.


I also wondered what you were thinking when I asked you to look at your calendar like this.  So, now that you have glanced at your calendar and seen more than just the big things, what are you thinking?  Are you wondering where I am going from here?  Do you think that your calendar reflects a lot of things you forgot about?  You should put your thoughts in the comments. 


Now back to my way of guidance.  If you just have big things or maybe no items, try to think about the big things you remember and think about the small things that led up to them.  Did you work on a project early so that you could do some different hobbies that were scheduled?  You know, like a trial riding trip with friends.  Or a trip to a different city to see what they have that you don’t where you live.  Did both the hard work early and the trip help you in numerous ways? 


I looked at my calendar and saw that my mom and dad had their 51st anniversary.  And I had my 9th wedding anniversary.  But my husband and I have been in love for 23 years this year, which is mindblowing.  I saw that I started this blog back up.  And with the blog, I saw that I have been responsible for getting my posts out.  I have made sure that I stuck with friends who have had a tough year and I am extremely excited because she is an amazing person.  I also saw some small things.  I moved my office to be upstairs in February.  I taught my son how to use a tablet and downloaded some learning games for him to play.  And last but not least, I started mowing the lawn already.  I was out of shape last season and didn’t do it much.  But I think this year is going to be different.


So, what did you see?  Do you see big things and small things?  Did you do things that changed your life?  Was there a ton of small things you didn’t see before?  Or was there one big thing that still sticks out for the better or worse?


Now, that you have looked at the big and small, do you think you can find both the good and the bad?  Was one more prominent than the other?


If the bad stuff is prominent right now, can you still find the good even if it is small in your mind?


Now, even as your wannabe positivity expert, I know that sometimes you have a few days, weeks, or even months that seem like they are just as horrible as your car getting hit by a bison in Yellowstone National Park.  I have had those months where I waited for what I thought was my luck to change.  Now I know some things that I didn’t then.  In my wildest dreams that all will be great from now on.  However, I have a bit more of a plan.  I also have family that will remind me of the things that work the best in a bad period.


So, what is my advice to continue the next half of the year?  I want you to start looking at your calendar more often.  And try to see the advancements you are making big or small.  I have talked to you about success lists in the past and this is similar.  You want to take that thought and expand it for a few months.  Take the moments when you feel doom and gloom like a penguin pooped on your snowmobile, and look for the moments where you succeeded in the midst of it.  Or just moments where a friend came over and made you laugh.  Or those times you just sat quietly and took pictures of the sunset even though you just wanted to go to sleep to avoid everything.

So, why don't you share the things that surprised you with how much they made you feel awesome in the comments?  You can also add pictures if you want of times you had fun.

a group of young people hiking through the mountains

I hope this made you look at the next part of the year in small pieces not just the days with the big exams or the due dates for projects and your boss is already starting to breathe down your neck about.  Maybe it is friends making plans with you, summer vacations, or even planning a day for yourself to read. 


I think I have given you quite a bit to think about for the next week on how to look at your next six months.

So Now Go.  Be Safe.  Know That You Are Not Alone. 


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