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Journal Prompts from me to you

Hey, gang. I am here to share as many journal prompts as I could think of. It was a request from a lovely person I know and I couldn't help but try my best. So, without any more gabbing...tada...journal prompts.

  • Things I did today to make a difference in my life are…

  • The best things about today are…

  • What will you do today to make tomorrow better?

  • Best quote of the week

  • What was great about the week?

  • I am looking forward to tomorrow because…

  • Who was the nicest person this week? How can I show them kindness next week?

  • I am grateful for…

  • What is one of your perceived failures and explain how you can change it into a strength

  • An object that you are excited that was invented because you just can live without it.

  • What is a challenge you have learned from and how are you a better person because of it?

  • What is my favorite hobby and how could it lead to another hobby or career?

  • What is something that used to be hard that is now easy?

  • What is your favorite song and how does it make you feel?

  • Something thoughtful someone has done for you recently and how it made you feel?

  • Who thanked you for something sincerely this week and why?

  • List the people in your life that you wouldn’t want to live without.

  • Name your favorite emotion and when it is great to feel it.

  • What activities do you do that make you lose track of time?

  • When is a time when you thought something was impossible to do but somehow you did it anyway?

  • What challenges did you overcome today? This week? This month? This year?

  • What made me stronger today?

  • How did it feel to wake up today? How would I like it to feel like tomorrow? How can I make that happen?

  • List all the emotions I felt today

  • What memory are you thankful for?

  • Who would you like to be nice to tomorrow in an amazing way?

  • Who is someone who makes you laugh out loud?

  • Who have I made happy today and how?

  • How was I creative today?

  • How was I responsible today for something that will improve my life tomorrow?

  • Why am I excited for today?

  • What is your favorite part of your home?

  • What is a talent that you treasure having about yourself?

  • What is your favorite color and why?

  • What is the thing that is the best of that color?

  • Lessons I have learned from that have been invaluable.

  • What was my favorite year?

  • What does happiness mean to me?

  • What priorities matter most to me today? Which ones do you think will matter five years from now?

  • What goal am I exceptionally excited I accomplished?

  • If I weren’t afraid, what great thing would I do today?

  • How can I move towards doing the thing that scares me but matters to me?

  • An experience that made you stronger

  • What is something you think about yourself accomplishing that propels you forward?

  • List your sources of happiness

  • What inspires you to move forward positively?

  • What book, show, or podcast has changed your life for the better?

  • Favorite moment of the week

  • What did you read this week that changed your perspective on something?

  • Something you want to read or watch to improve your life in some way.

  • What is something you want to teach someone because it changed your life?

  • Who is someone who changed your life for the better and probably doesn’t know it? Will you ever let them know?

  • Take one of the pictures from a post on this blog and write how it makes you feel inside.

I hope that these help you out in some way. I know that coming up with them made me think in ways that I hadn’t been previously.


Go now. Be Safe. Know that you are not alone.

And journal to your heart's content. 😊

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Mithravindha YD
Mithravindha YD
Jan 26, 2022

this is so helpful!! thankyou so much

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