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What essentials should be in your self-care kit for managing life's ups and downs?

The first thing that I thought of was my journal. I know this isn't for all of us, but we often do similar things. I think about how I can change my mindset in moments of stress. I also sometimes make lists of things I need to do in it. Some people put their gratitude lists in it. I would, but my gratitude journal is a separate thing. With these things, you can get everything out of your mind to relax.

The next thing is something that makes you feel safe. I have a special blanket that makes me feel cozy. I also like sitting in a special spot on my couch. Those two things are only able to be used in certain situations. But I have noticed that when I am tired of an evening or cold I feel more anxious. These things make me slow down and start doing one of my mindfulness techniques. For example, if I slow down in my quiet spot on the couch, I am more likely to do deep breathing. It's all a win-win.

My next one is a good book. Now this could include any genre as long as it slows your mind when it feels icky. The difference could be going from having a cheetah running around in your head to a lamb circling to find the perfect spot to take a quiet nap. Reading is a mindful technique because you let your mind slow to its own pace.

Another book that I love to have in mine is a sticker-by-number workbook. It is a wonderful activity to slow your mind. I would also include in this section an art activity that you find an amazing way to slow the mind to a gentle hmmm.

My next thing is Kleenex or your facial tissue of choice. Sometimes when you feel distraught, you cry. Having a box of tissues ready helps you be prepared for those moments. And sometimes it is nice to find a quiet spot to be alone to let it all out.

And why not something that turns off all the emotions and lets you start again like a good nap? Don't go over 20-25 minutes because you might feel more fatigued and fuzzy if they go farther.

And finally, maybe you pick a person to message or call. They aren't an object for a self-care kit but they are helpful just like the other items. They can motivate you. Remind of what has worked before. Also sometimes the best people are the ones who sit quietly next to you with an arm draped over your shoulders just letting you cry.

I hope this helps you gain some insight into what you need. You can pick whatever you choose. I also want to add that I will always send a hug to you if needed. Remember I am Mrs. Tea and I love hugs. And I want you all to feel amazing. You are my deers and I love you dearly. (Don't you love all the deers/dears in that sentence? lol)

Your homework for this week is to find one thing to put in your self-care kit. And if you want you can put it in the comments to give other people ideas for their kits.

Now Go. Be Safe. Know that you aren't alone.

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Jul 03

Thanks......this was helpful!

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